- graduated MFA in painting, 2014, in Faculty of Fine Arts,  in Belgrade University of Arts;

- graduated BA in printmaking 2012, in Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade University of Arts; 

- before art studies, studied philosophy on Faculty of Philosophy in University of Belgrade; 

- born in Belgrade, ex Yugoslavia, in May 1983, lives and works  in a small town near Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

-member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia).


- 2020. the 1st prize of 6th International Watercolor Bienial in Belgrade,  A Gallery (Belgrade) and Degen Gallery(Basel, Switzerland); SERBIA;

- 2019.the 1st Prize for the ''Men's best friend- a dog, a horse'' collective art show and contest, Memorial Gallery ''Dušan Starčević'' in Smederevska Palanka, SERBIA;

solo exibitions: 

2022. - Kipuka - Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment Art Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA;

2018. - Fluid Forms, Belgrade Fortress Gallery; Belgrade, SERBIA;

2017. -  Purple Horses of One Childhood, Serbian Heritage Academy Gallery, Toronto, CANADA.

collective exibitions, festivals and projects:

-2022-VII International Watercolor Biennial , Belgrade, Serbia;

-2022.XVI International Biennial of MIniature, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia;

- 2021. Collective Art Residency Exibition , SKC Gallery  Obrenovac, Serbia;

- 2021. XVII Watercolor Exibition in Šabac, Serbia;

- 2021. Open Biennial of Drawings in Pula, HDLU Istra, Croatia; 

- 2021.Art Residency in Arboretum, Obrenovac, Serbia;

- 2021. The 4th Every Woman Biennial, Superchief Gallery NFT, New York City, US;

-2021.Woman's Soul - Majdanpek and  Belgrade, Serbia;

-2021. InArte Fabriano (International Waterlcolor  Festival) 2020/2021, Fabriano, Italy;

-2021. A LOOK INTO THE UNEXPECTED / Exhibition organized by the painting section of ULUS, Belgrade, SERBIA, 2021.

*in 2020. art shows are mostly delayed or represented online because of Covid19 pandemic

- 2020. The Fine Artists Association of Serbia -  New Year's sale exibition, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade , Serbia; 

- 2020. ''Magnovenje'' Art Show, Atelier  Divart, Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2020. The 27th Autumn Art Salon. Cultural Center ''Masuka'', Velika Plana, Serbia;

- 2020. VI International Watercolor Biennial in Belgrade, Gallery A and Belgrade Waterfront Gallery (Progress Galery), Belgrade Serbia

- 2020. International Miniature Exibition IWS Bangladesh;

- 2020.1st National Watercolor Art Show ''Lovely Serbia'', IWS Serbia, Belgrade;

-2020. Collective Art Show- Obrenovačka likovna kolonija 2020, SKC Gallery,  Obrenovac, Serbia;

- 2020. International Online Art Show ''White Nights'' in organization of MajdanArt, Majdanpek, SERBIA;

- 2020. XV Art In Miniature Biennial, Gornji MIlanovac, Serbia;

- 2020. InArte Fabriano International Watercolor Festival, Italy;

- 2019. ''A Touch of Art'', an exibition for the blind people, Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Obrenovac;

- 2019. Neocolonia ADA – Beograd Fabriano In Aquarello – BW Experience - Progres Gallery, Beograd, Srbija;

- 2019. Fundraising exibition for Helena's Life, Cultural Center Obrenovac, Serbia;

- 2019. The 26th Autumn Art Salon, Cultural Center ''Masuka'', Velika Plana, Serbia;

- 2019. Festival ''DEV9T'', Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2019. ''Men's best friend- a dog, a horse'', Memorial Gallery ''Dušan Starčević'', Smederevska Palanka, SERBIA;

- 2019. InArte Fabriano - Fabriano in Acquarello 2019 - Fabriano, ITALY;

- 2018. - 62nd October Art Salon in Šabac, SERBIA;

- 2018. - Neocolonia Ada Beograd FabrianoInAcquarello 2019, Art Pavillion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade , SERBIA; 

- 2018. - The 6th Oslobađanje Festival, Zabrežje, and DKSG (Students Cultural Center) New Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2018 - The 5th International Biennial of Watercolor of A Gallery,  Progres Gallery,  Belgrade, SERBIA, and  Degen Gallery, Basel, SWITZERLAND;

- 2018 - InArte Fabriano - Fabriano in Aquarello 2018, ITALY;

- 2018 - The XIX Spring Salon, Cultural Center Masuka, Velika Plana, SERBIA;

- 2018 - MiniARTura, Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA and  NLB Gallery , Skopje, NORTH MACEDONIA; 

- 2018 - Exibition of the new members of ULUS, Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2017 - The 2nd International Watercolor Biennial, New Delhi, INDIA;

- 2017. Fund raising exhibition for launching of the charitable organization "Little World - Canada", Mississauga, CANADA;

- 2017 - Oslobađanje Festival, KC Perilo, Zabrežje, and DKSG (Students Cultural Center) New BelgradeSERBIA;

- 2017 - MiniFormArt - Friday Art Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2017 - InArte Fabriano - Fabriano In Acquarello 2017, ITALY;

- 2016 - International Watercolor Exibition, Stefania Palace, Budapest, HUNGARY;

- 2016-  11th Niš Art Foundation Exibition - the Young - Mladi 2016. Niš and Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2016 - The 4th International Biennale of Watercolor , Progress Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2016 -  InArte Fabriano  - Fabriano In Watercolor 2016, ITALY;

- 2016 - Small Format Watercolor Exibition, IWS SWITZERLAND;

- 2016 - The 13th International Biennial of Miniature, Gornji Milanovac, SERBIA;

- 2015 - The 6th International Exibition Art In Miniature, Majdanpek, SERBIA;

- 2014 - The 3rd International Watercolor Biennale, Gallery A, Belgrade, SERBIA;

- 2014 - Contemporary Visions, Art Cloud, Firenze, ITALY;

- 2014 - The 12th International Biennial of Miniature, Gornji Milanovac, SERBIA...